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Profile: Will McKenna

Name: Will McKenna

Year: 2019

Major: Clinical Psychology


Relationship Status?

On the market


Favorite TV show?

Gossip Girl. I’m in love with Serena van der Woodsen. She’s so hot.


Favorite place on campus?

The gym. Catch me in the gym working on my fitness at 9am.


Biggest pet peeve?

People who walk too slowly in front of me, or people who talk in class.


Favorite animal?

Cats. I have 3. I love to snuggle with them.


One thing you couldn’t live without?

Halo tops!! I’m addicted. My favorite flavor is the red velvet—you have to try it!


Describe your ideal date?

I would want to go on a run and then take my date out for a coffee. The caffeine would increase their heartrate and trick them into thinking they liked me even more than they actually did! #psychmajor


First thing you notice about a person?

Their teeth. I like people with straight teeth. And a nice smile ☺


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Empathetic, hardworking, & friendly.

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