Profile: Shoshi Goldman


This is the one and only Shoshana Chaya Goldman. Never heard of her? Well, now you have! We've asked her some important questions so you can get to know her. 


Hometown: Rhinebeck, NY

Year: Junior

Major: IR and Spanish

Minor: History

What are some things you do on campus? New member educator for Alpha Phi, Communications Director for Tufts International Development, she's a tour guide, and in the process of starting a club called Women For Higher Education Now.

Favorite spot on campus? Wren 520's common room. 

Least favorite spot on campus? Carm Stir-Fry Line, it’s just too long.

Strawberry or Grape Jam? Strawberry

Single? Taken? Complicated? “Single, obviously."

Spirit Vegetable? String Bean. 

What’s one thing you want tufts to know? “Should this be about me? Or like a public statement? If it’s about me, I hate coffee. And if it’s a public statement, then everyone should be a feminist.”

What’s one funny thing that happened to you today? My mom called me to tell me that she joined an adult improv class. And she said she was really funny.

What are you most excited for this Homecoming weekend? To celebrate Jenna Wittich’s birthday, if you don’t know her, you should.