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New Sushi Restaurant in Davis Square: O Ginger

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

We’re not the first to say that we’d rather spend $15 of Jumbo cash on Blue Fuji than on Hodgdon. And we’re pretty sure that the only customers at Yoshi’s are Tufts students. So we get it – routine is good, especially when it comes to food. But, we were feeling adventurous last week and checked out the newest spot to satisfy our sushi cravings. Since we consume an abnormal amount of sushi, we decided that we’re qualified(ish) to write a review. Keep scrolling for our thoughts on  O Ginger in Davis Square.


Environment: (only relevant if you’re not lazy and actually decide to make the trek to Davis)

First of all, they were playing “Closer” by The Chainsmokers, so O Ginger was already winning points in our book. It’s also clean and somewhat ~trendy~. Even though we were the only people there, we concluded that it’s not a bad place to hang out while you eat your sushi.



Our waiter was friendly and paid attention to our table without being aggressively overbearing. The food also came out fairly quickly. But again, we were the only people there.



O Ginger’s menu is a great mix of classic Japanese cuisine and creative options including sushi burritos and a sushi pizza appetizer. We tried their miso soup, chirashi, salmon combo, and maki deluxe combo. The quality was spectacular, and one of our favorites was the O Ginger roll (shrimp tempura with peach, cucumber, mayo, eel sauce and bean sprouts). Plus, their prices are (for the most part) college student-friendly.




We’ve already been back since our first visit, and we think that Tufts students are going to love O Ginger. You will probably find us there making our way through the menu. Next on our O Ginger bucket list: that sushi pizza.

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