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Nail Trends for Spring 2014

Written by Alexa Meltzer

It’s finally spring so we can start talking about spring 2014’s hottest nail trends! Even though the weather is cold and crummy, the quickest way to brighten things up is with a cheerful manicure. Pastels are the major thing this season, with the exception of a few brighter colors as well! Here are the top five nail trends for this upcoming spring season!


White-out nails

White-out nails used to be big in middle school. They are back in style this season! We like to think of white as the new go-to neutral. There are different variations of white- from super opaque to semi-sheer and to shimmer. No matter what skin tone you have, you will be able to find something flattering!


Colors to try – Marshmallow, Oui madame, Blanc 



Coral polishes will always be a favorite during the warm weather season. In addition, this season we are also wearing soft melons. These colors are not as in your face as full blown corals. Since there is such a wide range of these coral colors, you can decide how much you want that color to pop!

Colors to try – style hunter, e-nuf is e-nuf, tart deco, cute as a button



Seafoam Greens

If you are tired of wearing rich emerald polish from this past winter, let seafoam green be your new go-to. While it’s similar to mint, there’s more of a blue undertone which gives it a bit of an unexpected twist! This new color scheme makes for a fresher take of pale green nails and is perfect for this spring season!

Colors to try – fashion playground, mint candy apple, turquoise and caicos 


Pale Blues

The right pale blue goes with just about anything and can also make your nails really pop! If you feel like full on white nails may be too stark, this is your next best thing for this spring season!

Colors to try – truth or flare, bikini so teeny, lapiz of luxury



Pastel Pinks

Who isn’t a fan of pastel pink nail polish? There is something so refreshing and delicate about how the shade looks on nails. These pastel pinks add pop to any skin tone and are perfect for welcoming the warm weather!

Colors to try – romper room, sugar daddy, Fiji, mod squad


Photos courtesy of shesaidbeauty.com, tradesecrets.ca, tumblr.com, weddingsalon.com, pinterest.com

Edited by Danyelle McInnis

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