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Myth Busters: Women Don’t Know Football Edition

I love Sundays. Although, I don’t love them just because of their built-in naptime. Honestly, it’s the Fox Sports ‘duh duh duh duh’ theme song as a football game comes back on that gets me. Popular opinion would be against my love of everything New York Giants, especially Michael Strahan, Fantasy Football, and the pure intensity of a good game. Society likes to tell me I don’t actually know enough, and it likes me to believe I’m encroaching on a man’s masculinity by knowing even the basic rules.

Yet, every day I meet more women who are knowledgeable and passionate about football. And it is these strong women that lead me to bust this myth. The reality is that more and more women are in football media, showing their immense knowledge at every broadcast or article published (And in my opinion, these women are some of the best at the job). Though they constantly have to defend their knowledge and credibility, they are here, and they are killing it.

The myth is that women don’t know football. And that idea is perpetrated by men and women alike. I am here to bust that myth, but I refuse to have to list statistics always on hand to prove it. I simply ask that this Sunday, instead of making jokes about women not knowing football and only watching the commercials, sit down with one of the many women who do. It’s the most exciting game of the year, and they would all love to share it with you. Listen to them and take in some of their knowledge about the game; I promise you’ll learn a lot. It’s 2019, and us women who love football would also love to destroy stereotypes and spread our passion.

Freshman student athlete at Tufts University
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