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LUX Model: Philippe Maman ’15


Name: Philippe Maman


Nickname(s): Lips


Hometown: Washington D.C.


Major: Cognitive and Brain Science Studies


Year: 2015


How did you decide that you wanted to participate in the upcoming Lux fashion show? What has been your favorite part about the experience? Are you nervous for the show? I’ve never modeled before, but I decided Lux was the best way to simultaneously show off the old bod and save babies. Channeling my inner Zoolander has been my favorite part of the show so far. I’ve been known to be a little clumsy, so falling on my butt on stage is a new deep-seated fear of mine.


Are you in a frat? Which one? I am in the Sigma Nu fraternity here at Tufts. Some say I’m a natural born frat-star, others that have seen my collection of sweet scarves don’t.


Are you involved in any other on-campus activities? Off-campus activities? I volunteer as an English tutor for the Leonard Carmichael Society, I work as a research assistant in the Psychology department, and I work as a photographer and contributing writer for the Tufts Daily when I have time. I also have a radio show called “Top of the Box” at WMFO.



Do you have any siblings? I do have a younger brother André, or Dr. Dre as he is known around the house. He’s our family’s coolest member, as exemplified in his love of sports and working out. Did I mention he knows over 7 women?


What is your favorite thing about Tufts? My favorite thing about Tufts is that I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t have plans to do something crazy and awesome with their lives.



Are you single, taken, waiting till marriage ... what's your deal? I am very happily taken by one Ms. Lillie Haxton, the loveliest lady you ever did see.


Favorite Movie: Monty Python and The Holy Grail


Favorite Book: Any of the Frog and Toad books


Favorite Song: “What a Wonderful World” by Sam Cooke


What do you like/look for in a girl? She’s got to be a huge fan of the TV show Friends, and of Pokémon cards. If she’s into LEGOs, that’s a bonus, too.


Carm or Dewick, and why? Carm. I have my reasons.


Who is your favorite superhero? Superman


Mila Kunis or Blake Lively? Mila Kunis


What was your most embarrassing moment? I once slipped and fell out of the shower in Lewis Hall while singing “Jumper” by Blink 182.


What are you looking forward to during second semester? Getting a better radio show time than 3 AM on Tuesday nights. 

 Jessica Lee is a senior at Tufts University in Medford, MA. Before transferring to Tufts in the fall of 2011, she spent a semester abroad in Paris, and studied at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA, for two years. Jessica is majoring in English and minoring in Communications & Media Studies, with an eye towards working in PR or Marketing. Never one to shy away from taboo topics or keep her opinion to herself, Jessica enjoys coming up with topics for her weekly “He Said vs. She Said” column.
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