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Jay Dodd
Class: 2014
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Sociology
Claim to fame: Some inhuman dance moves and vocal cords!

What activities do you participate in around campus?
Spirit of Color (SOC) and S-Factor (a capella group specializing in music from the African Diaspora).
Can you describe your involvement in your activities?
I was raised with music around me all the time. I have been singing in the shower since I was little. Freshman year was the first time I sang in front of people. In high school I was so afraid to sing out… It is really a lot of fun. We are always having fun [in S-factor].
SOC – I love [too]. I have been dancing since I was seven I was taking ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. I hate tap! I stopped in high school, but when I came to Tufts, dancing and choreography called to me! I have been choreographing every semester I have been here. Last year I was one of two freshmen that choreographed.
What has been your most rewarding experience at Tufts?
I feel like I don’t do anything…. I only do things that I am good at for “funsies”. It just happens to be performance.
(This is where I actually died of shock, but I let Jay continue)
Well, this year a freshman in SOC and I went to the Medford Boys and Girls Club and taught them to dance. I remember when people came to the YMCA to teach me to dance it made me feel special. This is a way I gave back.
What is your favorite thing about Tufts?
(After contemplation) I love the people. I love that people here do whatever the hell they want. Someone will like research Biology and then dance in SOC or edit the Political Science paper then throw the best frat party. 

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