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#HerCostumeTufts Top 10 Runner Ups

Tufts students tagged #hercostumetufts to show off their spooky, creative, sexy and witty costumes. Even though the winner has been announced, we couldn’t ignore these ten other top-notch looks. Here are the 10 runner-ups to the Tufts Her Campus Halloween competition:

1. I’m, like, totally bugging over @chloelikescrumpets’ Clueless costume.

2. @elizahamiltonf displays some serious face paint skills. 

3. @lucypurinton channeled her inner mom in the comfiest costume you saw all weekend.

4. @h_zow’s stick figure costume must’ve looked beyond cool on the dance floor.

5. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are back to save Bikini Bottom with @benbadass95’s clever costume. 

6. @rqhu brings Snapchat to life complete with awesome shirts!

7. Looks like Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood clique stopped by Tufts with @lizb321.

8. @ani.que’s s’mores costume complete with two graham crackers is making me nostalgic for summer campfires.

9. @ana.alv.1 goes beyond the black cat with this tiger-leopard duo. 

10. @mariadattolo showed off a seriously hot beach bod this Halloween. 


Thanks Tufts collegiettes for your submissions! Make sure to check out Aaron Idelson and Zoe Gregorace in their winning costume!

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