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One of the most exciting times of the semester is when Her Campus nationals sends our chapter a Her Campus Back-To-School Survival Kit full of goodies from our sponsors! Every year the items just get better and better and to be honest, I’ve actually used every single one of them since we got the kit!

Her Campus got us some really cute pennants that immediately went up on my room wall. I am always looking for new room decorations and so I was super excited about this one!

TRESemmé gave us some great hair products featuring their Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray and Foam! This product is actually one of my favorites and I am definitely hooked! If you are looking for that wavy, slightly messy bounce in your hair get some of this stuff ASAP.

NYC New York Color gave us a variety of chubby eye pencils. I grabbed a nude one and I have used it every day since! I love using it as an eye shadow primer or even a brightener for those days when I look extra tired.

Zing Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener is fantastic! This morning I used this instead of agave in my smoothie and it was delicious! I have been looking for a packet natural sweetener and I have definitely found it.

Martha Stewart Crafts kindly gave us some of Martha’s high quality paints and I am so excited to start crafting! Like I said before, I am always looking for new room decorations. So, why not craft a little? My housemates and I are definitely going to craft with our new goodies. Thank you Martha!

Thank goodness for Chipotle! We are pumped about our BOGO Burrito cards. That card is probably going to get me through midterms this week.

We received a bunch of Cold-EEZE which is perfect to keep us healthy during cold and test seasons when we’re all up pulling all-nighters. 

We also got a DivaCup, an empowering, eco-friendly alternative to regular pads and tampons.

Five Hour Energy sent us bottles which are perfect for long nights during midterms! They also sent us headphones, great for blocking out noise and helping us concentrate while we study.

Another favorite is Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, which we all need now as the weather changes.

We also got information about Penguin Random House, Actually She Can, No Celling’s: The Full Participation Project, MZ Wallace, My Social Canvas, and She’s the First, all very cool organizations every collegiette should check out. 

From the Her Campus Chapter at Tufts University, thank you so so much to the sponsors! With these goodies, nothing can stand in our way from a rockin’ semester. 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Tori Lin is from Seattle, WA and is pursuing International Finance and Entrepreneurship at Tufts University! She is passionate about fashion, health, beauty, and food.  She is currently a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and a brand Ambassador for Neurobrands (drinkneuro) and Lyft. Check out her webpage, blog DinWithTlin and connect with her through Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! 
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