Her Campus President Profile


Tell me a bit about yourself! Hometown? Siblings? Major(s)? Pets? Pet peeves? Nickname?

Ariel: Oh okay lots of questions! Hometown is Chicago, IL, I have 4 siblings (a younger brother, two older brothers and an older sister) and a German Shepard named Mikki :) I’m a Sociology major and an English minor! Maybe film and media studies minor if I can get my act together but that’s unlikely. Hmm pet peeves. I really hate when I make a noise in class (like the seat creaks or I sneeze) and the person in front of me turns around. Like calm down. Oh and tardiness. I get called Rel by a lot of people!

Liz: Hometown is Minneapolis, MN. I have an older brother who’s a senior at Bowdoin. I have two goldendoodles named Emma and Molly and a cat named Tiger. My pet peeves are when people crack their knuckles and blow their noses in front of me because it’s nastyyyy and also when people say mean things about Minnesota. Some people call me Lizagna or Lizard.  


What do you do on campus?

Ariel:  Her Campus obviously, I’m a co-president with Liz. I am also an intern and fellow for Visions of Peace which is a fellowship that works on ways to work on and learn about coexistence in regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I’m a consulting team member for TAMID, newly a co-coordinator for Read by the River, and a member of Chi Omega :)

Liz: Besides Her Campus I’m a project manager for Tufts Consulting Collective and a member of Tufts Financial Group. I walk a cute lil dog everyday (shoutouts Winston) and I just joined Chi Omega!


What is the top thing on your bucket list before you graduate from Tufts?

Ariel: Boston Ave Pizza Crawl -- I want to eat from every pizza place on Boston Ave in a night

Liz: Eat whatever a blue-zone is.


Most embarrassing moment at Tufts?

Ariel: Like probably definitely falling off of a garage roof during homecoming. That’s pretty embarrassing I’d say.

Liz: One time I tried to cut across the track at a track-meet while people were running and I tripped and ate s*** in front of the entire meet then had to crawl out of the way of the racers. 


Where are you most likely to be seen around campus?

Ariel: This time last year it would’ve been Tisch gro

Secret Talent(s)?

Ariel: I can rap the full Busta Rhymes portion of Look At Me Now lol

Liz: They’re secret for a reason ;) jk I just don’t have any.


Personal theme song?

Ariel: Oh god I feel like I have different theme songs depending on where I am in life I think? I’ll throw in two: Wait a Minute by Willow Smith - I dream of one day waking up and magically being Willow Smith, so this song points me in that direction. Wannabe -Spice Girls , Isn’t this everyone’s theme song? If it’s not, it should be.

Liz: Dancing Queen by Abba


Guilty pleasures?

Ariel: Binge watching Broad City for the millionth time, most likely while wearing a face mask, and eating some type of candy (those sour gummy watermelons probably?) and a coffee mug filled with white wine, I’ll also copy Liz here in saying definitely spending all my $$$ at the Rez.

Liz: All forms of cheese, every Netflix show in existence, binge-listening to Hamilton, spending all my money at the Rez.