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He Said, She Said: Episode 9

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break. This week’s episode has our resident anonymous contributors Snowdin and Summer Lovin giving you a little bit of insight for the Holiday season.
You’re still in a relationship with someone from home, but things aren’t working out.  Is worth it to keep a relationship going until you see each other in person, or should you just break up whenever you feel it’s over?
Snowdin: One of the worst things a person can do is lead someone on. I realize it may seem like you’re trying to protect the person or be a better person by waiting until you actually see them, but that’s not the case. If you haven’t seen them in a while and they have no idea that things are over on your end, they’re going to be incredibly excited to see you, only to be completely let down. For guys it might be easier to be blunt, but I’m not so sure. Most of my guy friends are awful at breaking up when it’s time (me included). Don’t drag it out; just be honest with yourself and your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s the least you owe them.
Summer Lovin: I believe that breaking up with someone should be done in person, don’t be a punk! If you are really unhappy in your relationship and you really want to end it, you can at least open up a dialogue via phone call (note: not text message- once again do not be a punk). So I guess if you can hold on you should do the Turkey Drop (break up over Thanksgiving break), and if you absolutely cannot wait, then find a nice way to end it via phone call, Skype, etc..

Is it okay to get drunk with your family?

Snowdin: I would say that getting drunk with your family depends 100% on what your family is like. That said it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s appropriate and what isn’t. I don’t think I would ever get wasted with my parents, but a few drinks has always been fine. The first time I ever drank with my parents I asked my mom who was going to be driving home from the pool party, afraid it would be and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the margaritas. She told me she didn’t know but that she was the “designated drinker” that day. I signed up to be her backup. She gave me a big hug and said, “That’s my boy!”
Summer Lovin: This is totally dependent on what your family dynamic is. Personally, although my family likes to get down, sloppy, drunken behavior is a no-no.  We just don’t do it. You have to be aware of what happens to you when you’re drunk. Is that something you want your family to see?
At the end of the day you know what will and will not fly with your family. If they think you’re a perfect angel, you better step away from the bar.

Would you spend Thanksgiving with your significant other’s family?
Snowdin: I’m not sure. I’ve only been in one situation where I became fairly close to my girlfriend’s family and I’m pretty sure had I eaten Thanksgiving dinner with them, her father would’ve been trying to carve me instead of the turkey. I think this is an event that comes a bit later in a relationship or is influenced by geographic convenience. Ultimately it depends on your relationship with the family and what makes the most sense.
Summer Lovin: I don’t see this type of thing happening until I’m a little older and have been in a relationship for a while. Also knowing my family it would be my significant other and his family would be spending it with my family, we’re just a dominating presence and we always host, it’s just the way it is… but this isn’t going to happen for a while.

Got questions for Snowdin and Summer Lovin?  Shoot an email to [email protected] and you’ll see them next time!

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