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Google Trends: Frightgeist

If you haven’t heard of Google Trends, google it. Just kidding. But, it’s one of google’s coolest features (at least in my opinion) and it’s getting in the Halloweekend spirit. If you didn’t google it yet, Google Trends gives you the what, when, and where of popular searches at zero charge. Wondering who else is searching for Taylor Swift’s Teletubby halloween costume? Google Trends will let you know that it’s currently the 75th top search… so, you may or may not be the only psycho tswift stalker.

So, Google Trends might not seem as useful to your daily life as Gmail, Google Maps, or the actual Google search engine (unless maybe you’re an HC writer trying to improve your SEO), BUT it is this weekend!! In the holiday spirit, Google Trends launched “Frightgeist.” This feature lets you know what the most popular costumes are across the US (or should I say Gotham City). According to Frightgeist, the top costume right now is Harley Quinn.

Wondering what other collegiettes in our area are wearing this weekend? Here are the top 3 in Massachussets right now:

1. Pirate

2. Superhero

3. Batman (actually #3 was Harley Quinn, but I’m gonna pretend we’re a little bit different?)

I highly reccommend Frightgeist for some last second costume inspiration (or some verification that no one else thought of your super clever costume you’ve been perfecting since this summer.) 

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