Finals Cutie: Ryan Fleer

Name: Ryan Fleer

Year: Class of 2016

Major: International Relations and Economics

Hometown: East Brunswick, New Jersey

Favorite class this semester: Voice & Speech

Spirit professor: Kelly Greenhill (she’s absolutely incredible)

Go-to study spot: Ginn basement behind the stacks (no one can find you there for ages)

Favorite study snack: Seasme Honey Almonds from Trader Joes

Finals theme song: Find You by Zedd

Weirdest study habit: Listening to the same song on repeat for hours on end

I couldn’t have passed my finals without: Sex and the City Season 6

Hopes and dreams for next semester: To enjoy my final semester at Tufts!!!

Any words of wisdom for others suffering through finals? For someone who has consistently had something up until the last day of finals, I know the pain. It’s really important to find whatever stress outlet you need whether it is friends, a ride at Soulcycle (mine), or binging on cookie dough. Just remember that there is a light at the end and even if your friends are already way ahead of you, you will get there.


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