Finals Cutie: Greer Davis

Name: Greer Davis

Year: Frosh 

Major: Economics (for now)

Hometown: Bloomfield, CT

Favorite class this semester: Econ 5

Spirit professor: Señora Tano (love her)

Go-to study spot: My bed (I know, awful study habit) 

Favorite study snack: Jolly Rancher fruit chews

Finals theme song: Drake's Take Care album on repeat

Weirdest study habit: I study while listening to songs and I sing them in my head during the test and I remember things on exams. 

I couldn’t have passed my finals without: My three friends (Hannah, Sarah, and Jen) and Chipotle 

Hopes and dreams for next semester: Make SOC again, get better grades than this semester, and take a class out of my comfort zone.

Any words of wisdom for others suffering through finals? You aren't alone.