Fall 2016 Boot Guide

One of the best parts of fall is getting to wear boots. They’re super comfortable and come in endless new styles and colors that are released every year. Here are just a few of my favorite fall boots that everyone should try.

1. Over-the-knee flat boots

Over-the-knee boots become the centerpiece of any outfit. They pair well with skirts, tight pants, and even leggings that can be tucked in. Suede over-the-knee boots, especially in black and grey, are very popular this fall.

(ASOS KAI Flat Over The Knee Boots, $80.62)

2. Sock ankle booties

This trend is pretty new and is a great in-between boot style.  The ankle part of the boot comes up higher than a regular bootie but not as high as a riding boot. When you can’t decide between a low or high boot for an outfit, try a sock bootie!

(Steve Madden ‘Edit’ Bootie, $89.95)

3. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are a wardrobe staple and go with just about any outfit. If you feel like moving away from the classic black Chelsea boot, look for a brown leather or metallic version. The best part about these boots? So many brands make them super affordable!

(H&M Chelsea Boots, $34.99)

4. Lace-up boots

Lacing is currently a popular trend in both clothing and shoes, especially with boots. Lace-up boots come in a variety of styles from heeled to military to work boots. A personal favorite at the moment is the suede lace up ankle boot.

(ASOS ALIZA Suede Lace Up Ankle Boots, $65.00)

5. Velvet boots

This trend is for the collegiettes who love to be adventurous with their style. There are so many velvet boot options this season, and they come in a huge range of colors! These Topshop boots are a bit dressier than most boots because of the material. Also, make sure to use a protective spray on these, so you can wear them all winter long!

(Topshop MAFIA Velvet Metal Heel Boots, $160.00)

When you're procrastinating on work this week, do some online shopping and find your next favorite pair of boots to wear this season!