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Event Staff Manager Oliver “Rev” Lavar


Chances are, you have already seen Rev somewhere around campus. As Campus Center manager and Event Staff Manager, he usually alternates between helping students and telling them what to do. However, despite his somewhat formidable attitude, Rev’s really just a student who enjoys working with the student body and being part of major Tufts events.

Year: Class of 2011
What’s your major? Political Science
What’s your formal Office of Campus Life (OCL) title? Campus Center and Event Staff Manager
How did you get involved in at OCL? As a freshmen, an upperclassman suggested I apply so I did. I love people and helping people out. People loving people – that’s the dream, right? Besides working events and helping people in the booth what else do you do for the OCL? I act as a role model and leader for the underclassmen in the center. It’s a pretty straight forward job. I pretty much take care of the management of the [campus] center, communicate with TUPD, and with OneSource (the name has apparently changed—need to look that up). For Event Staff, I over-look the events, making sure that everything is running smoothly, and do crowd control.
What is one thing you wish people knew about staffing events? / Wish people would or wouldn’t do at events? I wish that people would read the signs that we post around, they’re important information and it would save so much time if people just read them. This year the students have been less rowdy than in the past. But the one thing I wish would change is that people wouldn’t treat me as though I don’t like my job. When people just assume that I don’t want to be overlooking the event, it’s frustrating. I like working the events and working with the student body. I like the fact that I get to experience both sides of the events here on campus.
What other campus activities are you involved in? What do you do in your free time? My other extracurricular activity is Blackout Step Team. I don’t have much free time but I like writing music, hanging out, playing video games and watching TV, typical guy stuff.

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