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Dear Girls, Love Barbie: “Imagine the Possibilities”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

What’s your first reaction when you hear the word “Barbie?” Do you picture a blonde, skinny, and unrealistically “perfect” plastic doll? Because I’ll admit, I do. Barbie dolls are what many people point to as the cause of body image issues among little girls–just look at the dolls.

But Barbie does not want this image anymore. Not only would the company’s employees like their sales to pick up, but they also want to make a difference. They want to wash away their tainted reputation and replace it with one that empowers girls and women.

To begin traveling down this new path, Barbie has created a terrific new advertisement. It shows young girls acting out their dream professions in real-life situations. They are professors teaching a science lecture, soccer coaches, veterinarians, tour guides, and businesswomen. The adults around them giggle at these adorable children acting in such professional roles, but the girls exude confidence. The sky is the limit for their imaginations. 

The end of the commercial fades into one of the girls playing with her Barbies: one doll acting as the professor while the student dolls are attentively listening. Herein lies the message of Barbie’s new brand: Barbie is a doll that enables girls to be absolutely anything they desire without any limitations. They are free to explore any field at all, with no one telling them they cannot or should not. Barbie presents an important message that should be instilled in all young girls and that hopefully, with Barbie’s help, will last a lifetime.