Dancing Cutie: Cecily Lo


Name: Cec(ily) Lo

Year: 2017

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Major: Computer science, maybe also math if I can pass real analysis.

What are you involved with on Tufts’ campus? Sarabande, SOC (took this semester off but I'll be back in the spring!), Alpha Phi, WMFO Tufts Freeform Radio, napping in Halligan

Favorite part about Sarabande: The people

Most challenging part about Sarabande: The people--just kidding you guys are alright. Probably hell week i.e. the week leading up to the show.

When did you start dancing? In middle school after I realized I was actually atrocious at gymnastics.

Favorite song: Currently it's a tie between Childs Play by SZA and Disorder by Joy Division.

Single/taken/its complicated? Single & ready for a pringle.

Most embarrassing moment: I peed my pants a little during the Sarabande TDC dance this semester.

Hidden talent: I can play a mean recorder... no seriously my housemates hate it.

Guilty pleasure: French fries

Fun facts that most people at Tufts don’t know: I'm terrified of caterpillars. Once I performed at the White House on national TV. I learned how to ride a bike in college.