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CES 2015 Recap: Collegiette Edition

Hello Collegiettes! Last month I got the opportunity to head down to Vegas for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show! Every year CES features the future of technology. This year, the show highlighted a lot of cool and innovative technologies such as self-driving cars, fitness and health wearable’s (think fitbit), mini drones, 3D printing, and so much more! Because CES isn’t usually geared towards college students, I’m here to give you the low down on some of my favorite gadgets.

Let’s start with the essentials…


  • Fitness Tracker/Smart Watch

This year, a huge component of the show was focused on fitness and health. Today, many people wear fitness devices such as the Fitbit or Jawbone. With all the walking we do, these devices are great for college students! I have a fitbit, but a product called Withings caught my eye. I love it because it counts steps, calories burned, flights of stairs, heart rate, sleep, etc. just like the other trackers do, but it also ACTUALLY looks like a watch! This product hits the US markets in March and will definitely be on my wish list this year.

  • Indestructible Phone Case

What happens when you accidently drop your phone and the screen shatters? With people so reliant on their smartphones, everyone should take the easy prevention strategy of getting a 100% damage resistant phone case. I have the PureGear, which I got from CES 2014, and it is one of the best. Another case I use is the LifeProof which is waterproof. A sleek and slim design gives the phone 100% protection in the water and on land.

  • Speaker Case

Zagg has created the 2015 essential for every college student. This iPhone case not only protects your phone against dents, but it also acts as a Bluetooth speaker and portable charger!  I use Zagg screen protectors, which have kept my screen fresh and scratch-free.

  • Air Squared

These floating speakers were one of my favorite gadgets at the show. The sound quality is amazing, but the best part is that they’re only $199 on Amazon. Definitely something I will be putting on my wish list!

The next group of gadgets aren’t must-haves, but they sure would be useful to many of you Collegiettes…


  • Charging Table

I would love one of these for my dorm room! No more “where’s my charger?!” or having to untangle messy cords. By simply laying your phone on the surface, the table is able to charge your phone! Unfortunately, it has not yet been released, but I am definitely going to get one when it comes out.

  • SleepPhones

For those of you who like to listen to music while falling asleep but hate that your headphones hurt your ears or head, these are the perfect solution. This headband is completely wireless and feels just like an eye mask but for your ears!

  • Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.M Wireless Keyboard

I am definitely going to get one of these! The keyboard is great for the Collegiette who is always on the go or for any college student who loves to work any and everywhere. The Bluetooth keyboard is great because it can sync up to 4 devices, which means that you can write a paper on your laptop and access it on your tablet, smart phone, and desktop.

These last three devices are things that I truly wish I had, but that aren’t necessities…


  • Virtual Closet

This “mirror” is so cool and should be on top of every Collegiette’s wish list. Why? Because it also contains software that allows you to view your entire closet and to virtually try on any outfit without having to make a mess of your closet!

  • Zymatic

Have you ever wanted to make your own beer? Well now you can! The PicoBrew Zymatic allows you to brew beer at the touch of a button using your own fresh ingredients. How cool is that?!

  • CocoJet

3D Systems has partnered with Hershey’s to create this sweet gadget which uses 3D printing to make objects that are made of chocolate! Yes — 100% edible and 100% delicious chocolate!


Tori Lin is from Seattle, WA and is pursuing International Finance and Entrepreneurship at Tufts University! She is passionate about fashion, health, beauty, and food.  She is currently a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and a brand Ambassador for Neurobrands (drinkneuro) and Lyft. Check out her webpage, blog DinWithTlin and connect with her through Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! 
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