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Campus Roomies Cuties

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Rose and Elyse are both freshman girls from Long Island, New York. The two met on a summer program going into their junior year of high school. When they both got into Tufts they knew they had to room together. They sleep head to toe, and can often be seen acting like a married couple around campus.



Elyse: Electrical Engineering

Rose: Undecided



Elyse: Hewlett, NY

Rose: Port Washington, NY


Random Fact:

Elyse: I am “Gossip Squirrel” on Yik Yak.

Rose: I had two pet squirrels growing up.


Single, taken, it’s complicated—which is it?

Elyse: Single, but I’m practically dating Rose’s boyfriend… shout out to Jake.

Rose: Yeah, she’s dating my boyfriend.


Describe each other in 3 words:

Elyse: Thinks she’s funny.

Rose: Tries to be funny.

Elyse: Rose, that’s 4 words…


Describe your perfect date in 3 words:

Elyse: Candle-lit pizza place.

Rose: Sushi, Friends (tv show), goldfish.


If you were a drink, what would you be and why?

Elyse: Frat house punch because I am truly a mystery.

Rose: A smoothie because I like to mix it up.


What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done at school?

Elyse: I have fallen down the stairs at both 175 and 209.

Rose: Standing next to Elyse both times she fell.


Who is your Celebrity Crush?:

Elyse: Chris Evans.

Rose: James Lafferty.


Biggest Pet Peeve(s):

Elyse: When Rose lets her drawers under her bed get too messy.

Rose: When Elyse yells at me to clean my drawers under my bed.


What’s your favorite drink from the Rez?:

Elyse: Lucy in the Chai with skim milk, iced.

Rose: Hot chocolate latte, hold the latte, with extra whipped cream.


If your roommate was a restaurant what would she be?:

Elyse/Rose: Chipotle.