Campus Cuties: Ellie Heinrich & Anna Sossenheimer


Ellie Heinrich & Anna Sossenheimer


Ellie: Houston, Texas

Anna: Salt Lake City, Utah 


E: idek can we not do this

A: :(


E: We’re both the same year

A: Which is 2018 

Single? Taken? It’s complicated?

E: rofl

A: taken by Ellie

How did you two meet?

Tufts Cheerleading!!!

Favorite things about each other?

E: I love how Anna is so emotional and sappy b/c I don’t have a heart.

A: Ellie makes me laugh all the time and keeps me real and is my lil homie. 

Most embarrassing story together?

We like to go to the sauna a lot, and the first time we ever went, we had absolutely no idea what to do. We were super nervous and didn’t know how it worked. So we just sat in silence for 15 minutes because we weren’t sure if it was acceptable to talk when there were other people in there.

What are you involved with at Tufts?

Not Tufts Cheer LAWL

E: Her Campus, LCS tutoring, XYZ, LMNOP, I call my mom a few times a week, I wear sweaters a lot

A: Her Campus, Tufts Wilderness Orientation, Tufts Dance Collective, LUX, Admissions Blog, Tufts Mountain Club

Favorite spot on campus?

E: Anywhere in the library that Anna doesn’t want to sit, or my bed, or the shower.

A: The floor of my room.

Where would we find you on a Friday night?

E: Prob...

A: In bed tbqh

If you were a food, what would you be?

E: Anna would be asparagus.

A: Ellie would be a cake pop.

One word to describe one another?

E: Bye

A: Sarcastic

Biggest phobias?

E: Losing things in my purse b/c I have 3 pairs of headphones and 2 lipglosses and 5 pens and other tools at any given moment and it gets messy and then I have to take everything out 6 times a day.

A: Ellie being mean to me.

Favorite song?

E: ANYTHING ANNA DOESN’T LIKE & Gravy by Schoolboy Q

A: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman cause it pisses Ellie off

Spirit animal?

E: Anna would be this gerbil:

A: Ellie would be this cat:

Hidden talents?

E: I can wear the same clothes for 3 days in a row and everyone notices.

A: I can rap in German.



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