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Campus Cutie: Scott Greenwood

Year: 2017

Major: Economics

Hometown: Weymouth, Massachusetts


What are you involved with on campus?

Soccer. That’s it.


What are your favorite things about Tufts?

When Zach Halliday leaves his room.


Describe yourself in 3 words:

Long, tan, and handsome.


Single and ready to mingle? In a relationship? Or is it complicated?

Definitely single and ready to mingle.


Describe your perfect girl in 3 words:

Cute, funny, and outgoing.


If you were a drink, what would you be and why?

A can of Bud Heavy. No questions asked.


Favorite movie:

High School Musical 2.


What song best describes your life motto?

Can’t Trust Thots – Wash


Who’s your guy celeb crush and why?

Mark Wahlberg, because he’s a townie.


What is your most embarrassing moment at Tufts?

At my first Tufts party, I fell down the stairs.


What is your guilty pleasure?

Bring It On: All or Nothing.


What’s your spirit animal?

Connor Brown.


Where are you most likely to be seen on campus?


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