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Campus Celebrities: Founders of JumboCode


Owen Elliott: NYC

Daniel Baigel: Mamaroneck, NY

Hayley Cohen:  Long Island, NY

Brett Fouss: Washington DC

Becky Cutler: Duxbury, MA

Kabir Singh: Hershey, PA

Danielle Zelin: Larchmont, NY


All Juniors


Computer Science 

What is JumboCode?

We are an undergraduate group of students, mostly computer science majors, dedicated to providing non-profits with technical services. We make apps, develop software and build websites for our clients who are located in the greater Boston area.

How did you all meet each other?

Some of us knew each other prior to last spring but we all became friends in COMP 40 after spending hours upon hours with each other. Sometime during the semester a group chat was started and the conversations ranged from how to solve a homework problem to who wanted to get chipotle that night. 

How did you come up with the idea of JumboCode?

Over the summer, Owen proposed the idea. We thought it was great, so we started planning and working on it. We spent the summer working out logistics and developing relationships with clients.

Favorite part about starting JumboCode?

We get to spend even more time together in our favorite building on campus (Halligan)! It’s really great to see our computer science community come together to help amazing local organizations. Our teams are really passionate about their work—the students get the real world experience and the clients get services they may not have had the money or resources for in the past.

Any upcoming events you want us to know about?

Our next event is a Code Retreat on November 14th so stay tuned!


Check out JumboCode on their website or on Facebook.

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