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The Best Travel Movies & How To Go On a Trip Of Your Own

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.


College is the best time to travel. Collegiettes have a ton of extra down time on excessively long breaks, (hopefully) extra spending money from summer internships, and no real responsibilities yet (like a fulltime job and family of four). The following flicks may just inspire collegiettes to take a trip of their own. But, if you so are so inspired, we’ve included the culture-heavy, adventure packed Contiki trips that will ensure that collegiettes have as grand of a time as the characters in each film on their own adventures.

1. Vicky Christina Barcelona

This movie tells the story of two American women, Vicky and Christina, and their adventures in Spain, after they both become tantalized by the same man. Hopefully for them, what happens in Spain, stays in Spain.

Have an affair of your own in Spain by traveling with Contiki on a Spanish Spree. The trip packs in the perfect combination of cultural excursions and partying. Adventurers will visit much more than just Barcelona, and will get to see 6 other Spanish cities include global party island: Ibiza.


2. The Motorcycle Diaries

This classic travel movie tells the story of Che Guevara before he was well – Che Guevara (as in the communist dictator). It follows him and his buddy as they take a motorcycle adventure across Latin America. On the journey Guevara is exposed to the harsh realities of poverty and is inspired to do something about it.

Explore Guevara’s home of Argentina on Contiki’s Adventurer tour. Collegiettes can travel like Che across countries to visit Peru, Argentina, and Brazil. There they will get the chance to interact with the friendly locals in Peru, witness the ancient culture of Machu Picchu, and vibrant city of Buenos Aires (among many other amazing activities).

3. A Map For Saturday

Ever thought of leaving everything behind to travel the world? Well, Brook Silva-Braga did and he documented it so we could all marvel at his brave endeavor. This documentary follows Brook after he leaves his cushy job as a producer, and travels the world for a year to learn what being a “traveler” is all about.

Limit your budget and take a trip like Silva-Braga by staying in hostels, villages, (and yes we will splurge and stay in a hotel some nights) on the European Highlights tour organized by Contiki. For only $1,624 dollars Collegiettes will visit England, France, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium & Austria in transit. You won’t be left to your own devices either, as the trip includes great sightseeing, walking tours, and scenic drives.

4. Into The Wild

A prestigious young college graduate escapes into the wild to learn more about life. This movie is a heartbreaker (as is the star of the film, Emile Hirsch).

If you find yourself needing a break from it all, like Emile, and wanting to spend time in the good ole outdoors Contiki’s Canada & The Rockies tour is a good fit for you. Adventurers will get to hike, bike, and helicopter through the majestic scenery that Canada’s provinces and the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

5. The Beach

Regardless of what the actual movie is about a young Leonardo DiCaprio stars in it, so it’s automatically a must-see. While it’s not that important the plot revolves around the adventure that this McHotty takes when he discovers a mysterious map and sets out to find where it leads.

Explore that Thai Islands yourself on Contiki’s Thai Island Hopper Tour. On the islands you can bask in the sun, snorkel, and splash to your hearts content, all without having to find this dream get-away with the help of a cryptic map like DiCaprio. Contiki will show you exactly how to relax and have a good time.

6. Casablanca

This classic old Hollywood flick tells the story of a love affair that transcends the globe and the test of time.

Journey fro, Europe to Africa, like in this romantic flick on the Ultimate European plus Egypt tour organized by Contiki. You’ll see all of Europe’s largest cities and get the chance to bask in the African sunshine while consuming authentic Egyptian food like meze and hummus.

7. Eat, Pray, Love

Julia Roberts is having a bit of a mid-life crisis in this flick. After a hard divorce (don’t worry not the focus of the film) she takes off on a journey across the world to “find herself”.

Find yourself like Roberts, by traveling across Europe on the European Experience tour offered through Contiki. The experience of visiting ten different exciting cultures, should give you a lot of time to reflect and enjoy yourself.

8. Easy Rider

In this super cool movie two bikers take a trip from LA to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Along the way they search for the “America” and encounter several interesting characters and troubling predicaments.

You can find out for yourself the meaning of America on Contiki’s two-week Best of USA tour. The trip starts in LA (just like in the flick) and adventurers will travel by air to visit 4 hot US cities: LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and NYC.

9. Up

Pixar has proven by now that just because its animated, doesn’t mean that a film is only intended for child-aged audiences. This film is definitely a testament to that. The movie is about Russell, a man who dreamed of traveling to the wilds of South America with his late wife. He doesn’t let age or the death of his wife stop him though. Instead he attached hundreds of balloons to his house with the goal of finally seeing the wilds of South America (and inadvertently taking with him some other adventurers for the ride).

Visit the wilds of South America on the Explorer tour offered by Contiki. Collegiettes get to stay in a rainforest lodge (almost just like in the movie) complete with a hike to the top of the rainforest for an amazing bird’s eye view. After chilling out on the beaches of Brazil and sipping wine in Buenos Aires, you probably will not want to leave the “wilds of South America”.

10. Indiana Jones

There are many in this series to choose from, so why not watch them all? Check out hottie Harrison Ford back in the day as he swings through crumbling temples and rescues some maidens in distress.

Travel across Asia like Jones to have an adventure of your own on Contiki’s Big IndoChina Adventure. Travel by both boat and plane to explore the vibrant cultures of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos.


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