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The Best of Nelly


Alright collegiettes its throwback whatever day of the week and here are some of Nelly’s greatest beats to get you pumped for Spring Fling!! Yes some are a little cheesy, others will have you jumping to your feet, but all will leave you singing along the next time you hear his songs blasting from the speakers.

1. Just a Dream – (2010) “No it’s not about Ashanti… It’s a song that is just relatable on all levels – rich, poor, black, white, child, and adult,” states Nelly. Let’s just pretend we’re the dream he’s actually gushing about.

2. Hot in Herre – (2002) The perfect beat for working out at the gym to get your body beach ready for the summer time. “Its gettin’ hot in here, so hot!”

3. Ride Wit Me – Ft. St. Lunatics (2000) Of course we’ll come take a ride with you, need we say more?

4. Over and Over – Ft. Tim McGraw (2004) Nelly’s sentimental side definitely comes through in this one where he mixes his own emotional vocals with some country twang.

5. Wadsyaname – (2007) “Ey shawty, shawty, shawty wadsyaname is, wadsyaname is, wadsyaname is.” Does he really need to ask that many times?

6. Dilemma – Ft. Kelly Rowland (2002) This is for sure one of the cheesiest hits, thanks to the verses from Kelly, but hey she knows what’s up and says exactly what we’ve all thought at some point.

7. Country Grammar – (2000) Nelly’s roots are in St. Louis so this is a shout out to his hometown and a classic must-know for seeing him in concert.

8. Shake Ya Tailfeather – Ft. Diddy and Murphy Lee (2004) The best Nelly song for a frat party. Just sayin’.

9. Grillz – Ft. Paul Wall and Ali Gipp (2005) Goes way back to those middle school days where everyone wanted to make a grill out of tinfoil to be just like Nelly.

10. E.I. – (2000) Definitely one of the most sexual of his songs, but it’s so catchy that we don’t even care. “… Everytime I bust a rhyme, baby gimme some moe… andele andele mami, E.I. E.I. uh-ohhhhh…”

So, yeah, we love Nelly…

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