Back to School Survival Kit: Everything You Need to Get Through the Semester

To kick the year off right Her Campus stuff received a special back to school survival kit from the Her Campus HQ. The kit included some old time favorites, aChipotle gift card (Davis Square anybody?), and some new treats like Neuro Sonic water. And, as always, we love getting some awesome HC swag - how cute are those post-its?! 


One of our favorite parts of Her Campus is checking out all the latest swag to utilize throughout the school year. Want to know our expert opinions on the new hot products to get you through the semester? These were the Her Campus Tufts favorites.


The Go-To Energy Boost: Neuro Water in the Sonic Flavor

Neuro Sonic is tasty and slightly carbonated and actually delivers a kick that will help you study, without the jitters or chemical flavoring of your average energy drink. (On a side note if you need a little bit more energy check out the SK Energy Shots. Each shot has 0 calories and none of those questionable ingredients like taurine and guanine).


Best Late Night Snack: Luna Bar in the NEW White Chocolate Macadamia

It tastes like a dessert and is packed with all the vitamins and minerals that you need, plus a little boost of energy. Need we say more?


Cutest New School Supplies: Poppin!

We say school supplies but this online store really has everything a collegiette may need for her dorm room. The online shop is full of peppy and fun colors that will make you studying as enjoyable as it can be. For all the organized, type-A personalities out there: at Poppin, you can even shop by color….


Best Substantial, Affordable Meal: Chipotle

There is a saying, if nothing is wrong don’t fix it! Chipotle is here to stay and still our quick-meal favorite in the heart of Davis Square. We can promise you that this card won't last long in our wallets!