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Amal Clooney Brings ISIS to Court

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Amal Clooney is representing her client, Nadia Murad, and is suing ISIS for genocide and their treatment of humans. Nada Murad, a Yadizi woman, was kidnapped and used as a sex slave by ISIS. She survived the unimaginable abuse and is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She has also been named a Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking for the U.N.’s drugs and crime body. Her story needs to be told and action needs to be taken.

Clooney is “ashamed as a human being that we ignore their cries for help.” She wants more action to be taken against genocide, but Clooney claims that bombing isn’t enough and “you can’t kill an idea that way.” Clooney thinks that a trial will help expose the horrific and corrupt group and ideas that ISIS embodies.

This case has put Amal Clooney in direct watch from ISIS. She has received many threats but will not back down. Amal claims that once she met Murad, she knew she didn’t have a choice. She is standing up for not only women, but for all who have been affected by genocide and the pain that ISIS brings to the world.