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Alex Spring ’17



Name: Alex Spring

Year: Sophomore

Major: Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Hometown: Greenwich Village NYC

What are you involved with on campus?

45, WMFO radio show “They Call Me DJ”

Do you have any musical background?

Nope—I’ve never taken music lessons or learned how to play an instrument. It’s a very intense hobby for me.

When did you begin DJing?

I was a senior in High School. I liked electronic music for a few years before that, and I went to Electric Zoo in New York and it was one of the best weekends ever. I thought that I could do something like this, so I decided to try.

Why do you like to DJ?

It really started as a hobby—at home a few of my friends would throw parties, and I would DJ for it. There would be a ton of people there, and I got really into it. I like to use a lot of electronic music. I’m really into trap and electro house because it gets the energy out of a crowd.

How did you get into DJing at Tufts?

When I was a Freshman, all of my hall mates from Lewis joined sororities and fraternities, and when they had parties or formals a lot of them asked me to DJ for them. I want to know people are liking the music as much as I do.  

Why are you excited to DJ at Jumbonnarroo?

This is my second year in a row DJing for the event. I really think this is a great way to give back. I’ve had family members who have cancer, and if I can help a cause in any way, I will happily do it. For someone who wants to be a physician, I understand how important it is to raise money for research. I’d love to see this become a bigger event every year.

Tufts Relay Jumbonnaroo Music Festival tickets can be bought in the Campus Center or online. To learn more, check out the event’s Facebook page!


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