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6 Places on Campus Where You Just Might Die

There are some places on the Tufts campus where collegiettes know they need to keep their eyes and ears open. Here are five places on campus where you need to be extra careful!

1. Dewick’s blind corner. You never know who’s going to be coming around that blind corner in Dewick. People rushing to put their dishes away or rushing to get more food often results in a collision and a near-death experience.

2. Frat staircases. Be careful not to slip on frat stairs covered in juice! Too often I’ve slipped down an entire flight of stairs and have gotten looks from people thinking I drank too much juice, when in fact I hadn’t consumed any juice at all. Learn from the mistakes of others.  

3. Crosswalk near Anderson. I’ve been almost-hit and almost-actually-killed by a car too many times at this crosswalk. Watch out for impatient drivers who don’t want to stop to let students cross the street in order to get to class on time.

4. Lower Campus Center when icicles are present. Walking out of the Campus Center in the winter automatically puts you in a life-threatening situation. If you look up as you leave the lower level, you will see the razor sharp icicles waiting to fall on you as you walk underneath them.

5. Walking up the Memorial Steps. Halfway up the Memorial Steps I start to doubt whether or not I’ll make it to the top. I start to debate whether I should lie down and take a nap or if I should just keep going. Clearly this is a dangerous place on campus.   

6. Basically everywhere during the winter. With more snow comes more bumps and bruises! Prepare yourself for the high risk of slipping on ice by wearing heavy-duty winter boots and learning the correct technique of shuffling with slightly bent knees.

Keep your wits about you and stay safe, collegiettes!


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