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6 Makeup Tricks For Sick Days

Sickness is nearly inevitable in college. Being packed in such close quarters with hundreds of people allows the Tufts Plague to spread rapidly. When we were in high school, we could have our parents take care of us and stay in bed all day. But in college, no matter how gross we feel, we typically still go to class and have to look presentable.  That cute guy in your lecture cannot see you looking any less cute than usual.

Here are some quick tips to help you look your best even when you’re feeling your worst:


1. When you’re sick, your face is likely dry from incessant tissue use. Skip your regular heavy foundation and power which will only highlight dry areas. Instead, use a hydrating base like It Cosmetics’ Your Skin But Better CC+ color correcting cream. Not only will it moisturize your sickly face, but it will also help hide red, irritated areas that you don’t want anyone to see.


2. Give yourself a false look of vibrant health using a light blush. Apricot, by NYX, has peachy undertones that will leave your pale skin looking natural and refreshed. You may also forgo blush by using a matte bronzer. You can create the illusion of a healthy glow by concentrating on where the sun would hit your face like your upper cheekbones, hairline, and jawline.


3. The biggest telltale sign of illness are those awful dark circles under your eyes. Swipe Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Treatment (or a similar product) over those unwelcome shadows.


4. Don’t bother messing with a palette full of shadows and intricate blending! Simply sweep a highlighting color, such as Urban Decay’s Half Baked eyeshadow, on the inner corners of your eyes to appear well rested and alert.


5.  Don’t apply too much mascara. While it can make your eyes seem larger and more lively, too much mascara can also irritate itchy and watery eyes.


6. Finally, ChapStick and lip balm are necessities when you’re sick. Using a light pink tinted lip balm can also give the illusion of a healthy and awake face; a natural color makes upkeep manageable. Try Maybelline’s Baby Lips Dr Rescue Lip Balm to moisturize your chapped lips. 



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Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Morgan is a Sophmore at Tufts University majoring in International Relations and French. Other than HerCampus, some things she does includes playing Club Volleyball, being a part of KAO, walking dogs that live around campus (!!!), and napping professionally. 
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