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5 Ways to Trick Your Foolish Roommate

In honor of one of my family’s favorite holidays, I am sharing some of my favorite April Fool’s Day tricks just for you. Though some of them take some serious sneaking, don’t be afraid to commit and give yourself the best laugh you’ve ever had. Nothing is funnier than a friendly prank to someone you love (even better if you aren’t super close to your roommate).

Small disclaimer: Her Campus Tufts does not claim responsibility for any lost friendships, bruised eyes, or broken items.


Send her an “Why did you post that?” or a “What’s on your snapchat story?” text. She’ll frantically check or ask if you had plans. Keep the prank going as long as possible!


Cover everything on her desk in tinfoil or with paper. Bonus if you wrap all her shoes and clothes! Double bonus if you pull a Jim and make some jello…


Take over her phone or computer’s shortcuts! On an iPhone simply go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut, then change “yeah” to whatever you think will annoy her the most.


Get a phone from someone whose number she doesn’t have and leave her a message from a doctor about positive pregnancy results…April Fool’s Baby!


Dried glue looks just like splatter from spilled liquid. Leave a “milk splatter” on her computer or all over her bed, giving her the biggest heart attack when she gets back to the room.

That’s all for now, but happy pranking!




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