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  1. Be Outgoing and Join Clubs:

The best way to meet people is to join clubs! Make sure to go to the Activities Fair, which is held at the beginning of the school year on the Residential Quad. Sign-up for all the clubs that sound interesting to you and just test them out! You can join the e-list and see if it’s something you would like to participate in. Clubs are a great way to meet people with similar interests and to get involved in the campus community.


  1. Go to Office Hours!

Not only will getting to know your professors help you get used to your heavy course load, but they are very interesting and want to meet you! Most professors love when students just stop by, whether it’s to ask a question or just introduce themselves and chat.


  1. Go to Pub Tuesday

The Somerville Pub is a great place to meet new people in a casual, fun setting! Every Tuesday Tufts students flood the Pub, and you’re sure to meet new friends and have a good time - take a break from all that homework!


  1. Order Scoop n’ Scootery

If you’re ever craving something sweet late at night while you’re up studying, you have to order Scoop n’ Scootery! “Scoop,” as many people call it, is an ice cream delivery service--how can you top that?!


  1. Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of Sleep

While it’s important to go out and meet new people, don’t underestimate how important getting enough sleep is! There will always be another night to go out and sometimes you just need to pass to get those 8 hours in! Balancing school, friends, fun, and sleep is difficult, but make sure to put your health first sometimes!


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