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5 Tips for Freshmen as told by Finding Nemo

1. Make Friends

Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and meet new people. This is one of the few times in your life that you’ll have the opportunity to meet such a diverse group. Just say hi!

2. College isn’t easy

It doesn’t matter what high school your college classes will require lots of studying. Classes that were once easy A’s will be the ones you spend your life at Tisch to get B’s. Don’t stress when you get your first B! Trust me, you aren’t in the minority and remember to take care of yourself.

3. Sleep, but don’t miss class.

Sleep is SO important to being a functional human being and doing well in school. 8 hours a night may not be possible, aim for 7! At the same time, try to go to all your classes even if they are at 8:05am. You may think that your teacher won’t notice, but they’ll be able to tell when they go to grade your exam.

4. Lacrosse house

What can I say, lacrosse house is everyone’s go to Freshman year. You’re always bound to a have a good time if you go with friends and dance it out. Make sure to keep track of your friends because it gets crowded very quickly!

5. Unlimited meal plan

Take advantage of it. Dewick and Carm will have your back whether its 12pm and you just got out of class or 12am and you’re hungry for late night. This may be the only year you can swipe in as many times a day as you want to grab a slice of pizza. Although Carm may be the closest, make sure to venture downhill, because Dewick is better. DISCLAIMER: I’m a downhill girl for life. You may gain the freshman 15, but it’s all worth it for the extra insulation in the winter.


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