5 Steps to Make Planning Spring Break a Little Bit Easier

Spring break. A time for relaxation, a break from classes and homework, and for those that are lucky enough, a trip with friends. The infamous “spring break trip” can seem like a dream. When seeing pictures people post on Instagram and hearing peers talk about their excitement for their plans, it is easy to remember that the logistics behind such a trip are not as fun or easy as they may seem. Here are 5 tips for how to smoothly plan a trip with other college students.

  1. SOLITIFY YOUR GROUP While it may seem like a detail that can be changed throughout or left until the end, knowing how many people are going on your trip can be crucial for booking purposes. Hotels have rooms of all different sizes, and it’s important to know what you’re looking for. This also makes the booking process much simpler, since as soon as you find your hotel you can book right away and don’t have to spend time confirming who is really going, which can drag out the process and potentially let the hotel fill up.  
  2. GET PARENTS INVOLVED EARLY College is a weird in-between state, where students are living completely independent lives, but still often relying on parents for help financing such a trip. It’s critical to understand what everyone’s parents will and will not allow before you start planning your trip. The last thing you want is to find the perfect hotel only to have someone’s parents reject the choice. Understanding budgets and what type of location and environment everyone is on board with will save major hassles down the road.  
  3. SHARE THE PLANNING RESPONSIBILITY You’re all going on the trip together, and you all have things you want, so everyone should contribute to choosing a location and hotel. This often involves some research, which is a time commitment that should be shared. Leaving all the planning to one person can lead to resentment for those that are not helping and often puts too much work on the plate of one person.  
  4. STICK TO YOUR DECISIONS When planning a trip for a group of people, even small decisions can be incredibly difficult. Once your group has made a decision, such as where you are going or the type of hotel vibe you want, planning will be easiest if everyone sticks to this decision. Having people go back and forth can stall planning and drag out the process for everyone, which can make it less exciting and more of a hassle. Be decisive and commit to your decisions.  
  5. REMEMBER THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!! Spring break is fun and it’s a huge privilege to get to go on a trip, no matter where you end up. Planning should be something that the group has fun doing, and as soon as it becomes overly stressful, take a step back and evaluate what about the process is causing these sentiments. College life is so hard already that planning a fun release should not add to the burden of work you have to do – it should and can be a positive experience. If it isn’t, talk to your group and change your approach to planning so that everyone is excited throughout the process.

    Speaking from experience, planning a trip is not always easy. That said, there are ways to approach the process that make the planning less painful and an overall good experience. Traveling with your college friends is an unforgettable experience and hopefully these tips are helpful in making your next trip planning a little bit easier.