5 Ideas for a Girls’ Night In

1.      Spa night

You can’t go wrong with a face mask. Paint your nails, lay there with cucumbers on your eyes and relax. Spa night is always a relaxing and fun way to spend more time with your friends.

2.      Movie marathon

Have everyone pick their favorite movies and watch them all! Move night is especially good with popcorn, candy and in your pajamas.

3.      Game night

Looking for a more exciting girls’ night in? Or wanting some friendly competition? Have everyone bring their favorite game! Game night is a great way to bond with your friends and get to know everyone better.

4.      Netflix binge watching

Pick a TV show no one has seen and watch the entire first season, or more! Or pick one of your favorite TV shows and re-watch from the beginning.

5.      Order in

Escape dorm food and order everything in one night. This may be expensive, but you won’t regret it once you get all your favorite foods. Scoop n Scoot is always a good go-to for a late-night treat.