15 Signs You Might Actually Be a Kardashian

Nobody likes to admit it, but deep down we all wonder if we are the other Kardashian sister. At some point you just realize that Kim ugly cries, and you ugly cry. Kylie takes a lot of selfies, you take a lot of selfies. Kourtney has RBF, you have RBF. It's weird! If you can relate to any of the following, you might be rightyou might be the long-lost Kardashian.

1. You find a positive way to spin all your problems.

2. You're not afraid to voice your true opinions.

3. But you know that can get stressful when people start turning to you for advice.

4. You take your food very seriously.

5. And your sanitation.

6. You worry about the important things in life.

7. And about those less fortunate than yourself.

8. You try to make the best of a bad situation.

9. And you know the value of a good cry.

A really



10. You're all about #realtalk.

11. And you will not let anyone walk all over you.

12. Because you know your worth.

13. Like, you really know your worth.

14. Because even when life gets confusing...

15. You always know:


So remember, if any of these things sound like you, then you're probably a long-lost Kardashian sister. 



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