10 Things to Keep in Your Backpack

1.  Deodorant/Body Spray

You never know when you’re going to forget to put deodorant on in the morning. Keep an extra travel size with you, so you never smell bad.


2.  Hair Ties

Sometimes you just need to throw your hair up in a messy bun!

3.  Tampons


4.  Gum

Fresh breath always.

5.  Water Bottle

Stay hydrated. It’ll keep your skin looking fresh!

6.  Chap stick

Nothing’s worse than dry, cracked lips.

7.  Phone Charger

Can’t be without your phone.

8.  Tide Stain Stick

Never know when you’ll spill coffee on your shirt running to class, or dump your salad on yourself in Dewick!

9.  Advil

Go too hard at the Pub? Don’t worry you can still make it to your Wednesday 8am.

10.  Snack

Don’t want to get hangry.