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10 Things I Learned During Fall Recruitment

  1. Keep an open mind. Do not go into recruitment set on one sorority. All the chapters have something unique to offer!
  2. Present the best version of yourself! Don’t change your persona or image to fit a sorority. Always be yourself!
  3. Get to know the other girls pledging! Instead of sticking to your normal friend group make an effort to meet new people while walking to the different parties.
  4. Don’t choose a sorority based on your friends. You will still be friends regardless of what sorority you end up in!
  5. Don’t be afraid to talk to your Rho Gamma– they’re there to help!
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask real questions. This is the only way you can really feel which chapter suits you. 
  7. Form your own opinions based on the conversations and interactions you have with the members of each chapter. Trust your instincts!
  8. Bring water. Staying hydrated will keep you feeling energized and talkative.
  9. Try to have meaningful conversations at the parties. Recruitment can be filled with a lot of small talk. Meaningful and non repetitive conversations will help you remember each sorority better!
  10. Take photos on Bid Day!!! Have fun and don’t take it all so seriously!
It's Brookie B!
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