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10 Reasons why FroYo is better than Boys

10 Reasons why FroYo is better than Boys

1.  You feel like this when someone brings up getting froyo:


2.  Before you settle down you can sample as many as you want

3.  If more than one makes you happy, then go with it

4.  There’s no need to commit…Your decision won’t tie you down

5.  If you decide halfway through that you don’t like your pick, you can always just try a different one


6.  You wont ever have to get approval from your friends or family

7.  With Froyo, comes no tears  


8.  You wont feel guilty after a serving. After all its only 90 calories

9.  And the only baby you’ll ever have to worry about is a food baby

10.  You will always be satisfied


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