10 College Dorm Hacks

Everyone needs a little help when it comes to packing for college. Between everything you need and want to bring, you’re bound to forget something that might be super helpful. Here are ten college dorm hacks that might not have crossed your mind!

  1. Command products Command hooks are a must in dorm rooms, they add extra places to put towels, coats, shower caddies and even things like your keys or headphones. Other Command products also come in handy for many decorating projects, such as hanging posters.
  1. Rugs Rugs are comfortable and protect your feet from cold linoleum tiled floors in the winter. They also encourage people to come in and hang out since they make your room more “homey”.
  2. String lights String lights are a great way to set the mood in your room, like rugs they make your room more inviting. Most overhead lights in dorm rooms are very harsh and bright. With string lights, the light is much softer. And, they look good!
  1. An Eye mask You never know how late your roommate might be up binging Netflix or doing homework. An eye mask is the perfect solution for falling asleep when your roommate’s desk light or computer is still on.
  1. Water bottles Be environmentally friendly and simultaneously keep yourself hydrated with reusable water bottles! They are aesthetically pleasing, and you can fill them with coffee to get you through your eight a.m. classes.
  1. Dish soap Going along with your water bottles and other dishes or silverware, dish soap is a necessity for keeping everything clean. Another useful tip for using dish soap is using it to remove makeup stains on clothes. Just rub some dish soap on the stain before washing your clothes, and it should bring the stain right out!
  2. A Swiffer or dust buster Floors in dorm rooms get dirty quickly. Be prepared for the dirt and dust by bringing a Swiffer or a dust buster (a handheld vacuum).
  1. A keychain for your room key Having something attached to your key makes keeping track of it so much easier. This will help you avoid getting locked out and paying that $10 lock-out charge.
  2. Medicine Put together your own first aid kit for college. No one wants to leave their room to buy medicine when they are sick - bring all your go-to medication to avoid the extra trip to the bookstore or CVS.
  1. Things from home Bringing pictures, trinkets, posters, etc. will make you feel SO much better and remind you of the people you love when you feel homesick.

(All photos by Meredith Long)