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10 Buzzfeed Quizzes You NEED To Take (Part II)

We know you’re all dying to know exactly which Taylor Swift song you are and just how talented you are at naming nail polishes. Wait no more – we compiled a list of the latest, most important Buzzfeed quizzes for you to take. Enjoy!


1.    How Embarrassing Were Your Teenage Years?

I don’t even want to talk about mine…


2.    Which Emoji Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Find out if you’re dancing twins or a winky face ;)


3.    Which Taylor Swift Single Are You?

This is easily the most important quiz you’ll ever take.


4.    Can You Guess The Jelly Belly Flavor From a Photo?

Trust me, you can put this on your resume.


5.    What Kind of Food Should You Order In?

Why overwhelm yourself with choices when you can let this quiz guide you?


6.    What’s Your Sanitary IQ?

For the germaphobe in your life…


7.    Can You Guess The Name of These Nail Polishes?

This skill instantly boosts your street cred’.


8.    Which Disney Pop Princess Are You?

You know you ask yourself this question every day. Find out once and for all!


9.    Who Should You Go See “Fifty Shades of Grey” With?


Anyone’s better than your parents, really…


10. Which Guy From “Friends” Is Your Soulmate?

There’s no bad quiz result here, so you can’t lose. 


If you liked these quizzes, don’t forget to take the quizzes in Part One of this article, 10 Buzzfeed Quizzes You NEED To Take.


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