10 Buzzfeed Quizzes You NEED to Take!

College is all about finding yourself.  You’ll discover your best study habits, your ideal nap schedule, and of course declare your major.  Collegiettes, this may all seem like a daunting task, but no fear, because BuzzFeed is here to help you figure all of this (and tell you a million other things you probably didn’t need to know about yourself)!


Here’s a list of the top ten most important BuzzFeed quizzes you need to take!


1. What State Do You Actually Belong in?



Stressing over where to live after college? No worries! BuzzFeed has the answer!


2. Which Full House Character Are You?


If you love this show as much as we do, you’ll love this quiz!


3. What Career Should You Have?


Forget about the career center, just take this BuzzFeed quiz!


4. Where Should You Have Actually Studied Abroad?


Already gone abroad? Trying to decide where to go? This quiz is for you!


5. What type of cookie are you?


Life’s most important question.


6. Which '90's Pop Idol Are You?


Does this question keep you up at night? Have your most urgent question answered!


7. What Haircut Should You Actually Have?


BuzzFeed might not be the most reliable source in beauty advice, but go ahead and find out what your destined haircut is anyway!


8. What Grade Are You Getting In Life?


Forget about what grade you’re getting in EC5, the real question is what grade are you getting in life?!


9. What Type Of Emoji Are You?


So many to choose from, but BuzzFeed will help you figure out the perfect one for you!


10.  Which Cereal Are You?


Last, but not least, this is probably the most pressing question we ever have to answer.  Choosing a cereal in Dewick can take hours…but we all know you’re really craving some Cracklin’ Oat Bran (even if it does resemble horse food).


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Quizzes courtesy of Buzzfeed.com