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Looking through various types of Indian dresses is quite intimidating as there are many styles to look at. Here’s a list of different types and when they’re most appropriate.


(pronounced – leng-ah) is typically a 3 piece outfit made of:

-Cropped blouse (choli)

-Skirt (lengha)

-Scarf (dupatta)

The lengha’s look is very similar to the sari because of the draped fabric but it is much easier to wear and dance in!

Lengha’s are universal and can be worn at weddings, engagements, or receptions. Whether you are the bride or a guest.



(pronounced sah-ree) It’s the most traditional Indian garment which is composed of 3 pieces:

-Petticoat skirt

-Cropped blouse

-Six-yard fabric

The saree is pleated and wrapped and then elegantly draped across the shoulder. There are dozens of ways to style the saree and can also look different depending on their region of origin or even the function you’re attending.

The saree is seen on streets and runways and has influenced fashion designers across the world.


(pronounced uh-naar-kuh-lee) and it consists of:

-Long flowing top (kurta)

-Leggings or pants (churidar)

-Scarf (dupatta)

They are very versatile and low maintenance. An Anarkali is a good choice no matter what the occasion is or what the weather is like.

The legend has it that the Anarkali suits originated in the Mughal Era/

The suits are named after Anarkali (means pomegranate blossom), a famous courtesan of the Great Emperor Akbar’s court.



(pronounced sha-ra-ra) This suit has a pair of wide-leg flowy pants that are distinctive to this piece. It’s combined of 3 parts:

-Wide leg pants

-Blouse (varying in length)

-Dupatta or vest

The Sharara outfit is a fun and playful option for a wedding event and great to move in!


Salwar Kameez

(pronounced sal-vaar). It’s a 3 piece outfit combined of:

-Kameez (varying length top)

-Salwar (loose pajama-like pants)

-Dupatta (scarf)

Salwar Kameez offers great comfort as they cover almost the entire body. It also gives the option to get it custom stitched with modifications to suit anyone’s taste. This is normally worn by women in the northern area, the state of Punjab but some other states of India wear it aswell. It is also worn as casual and even in weddings and other functions. It’s very easy to wear and move around in.


These are a few examples of types of clothing worn in India. To see pictures of these clothes, go check out our Instagram:


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