Moving to a new country in a pandemic; Am I thankful? Or regretful?

One of the major changes this year was the entire semester going online, I’ve seen so many of my friends either postponing to the “next year” or dropping out altogether. This has only scared me, thinking how I would actually manage without the conventional approach of classroom teaching.  

Besides all this, I knew this was a one-time shot, so I took a leap of faith and hopped (literally) onto the next plane and reached here.  

The first few days were fine, as I was adjusting and JETLAG obviously, but then when classes started it was a bit hard, there were a few things that were completely new to me.  

  • ONLINE CLASSES, yep. I guess now that we’re nearing almost a year of lockdown everyone is already familiar with this term. It was hard to wake up for a class at 9 am in morning, honestly, there were so many days when I attended the classes from my bed while I was half asleep.  

  • As we are in a series of lockdowns, even with the first multiplayer game WAVES of LUDO, CHESS, and whatnot with my friends back at home, I still crave human interaction. Trust me being an extrovert and not getting to meet new people face to face beats you down.  

  • NOT getting a hands-on experience of ON CAMPUS LIFE that all my friends have boasted about. 

  • Cooking in-between classes and making sure you’re not burning your curry whilst answering your professor’s question.  

  • At least in a good way, every Friday night will always be a movie night! 

The hardest part of it is staying in a beautiful country i.e., Ireland and not being able to explore it. 

But now if I look at it, this experience has taught me so many things, mostly awakened my survival instinct and made me realize how happy I am, even with things around us constantly evolving, it only shows us how little we need to survive and make ourselves happy in this vast world, I am thankful that I chose to be here at this time.  

Have you had any similar experiences?