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How I Am Completing My Bucket List During a Pandemic

Bucket lists, the list of things you want to do before you die. It does sound quite extreme, but did you know they can actually help you achieve your goals? A group I enjoy watching on YouTube called ‘Yes Theory’ taught me this. Here is a fun fact for you, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goal by writing it down, but here’s the interesting part, that increases if you tell the people around you that goal.

So how am I completing my bucket list during a pandemic? One thing on my bucket list was to have a play I have written performed. I love theatre and writing, I’ve written scenes and scripts most of my life but here’s the catch, I never told people. I had this internal fear of what people would think of me if they found out. I was so focused on the fear of people judging me and telling me I was bad at what I loved, I forgot three things.


  1. How can I be myself around my friends without telling them my passions in life? 
  2. How can I improve my writing without getting opinions from others?
  3. What happens if people actually like what I have written?


So, I said you know what, I am going to start being myself and sharing my love of writing plays and acting. The result? I have never felt more myself and happy in my entire life. There was also another little positive, I am directing a play I wrote online for my college drama society in the next few months. I am completing my bucket list in a pandemic. So, here is my tip for you, write that bucket list, tell your friends and family your goals in life. Why? You might just achieve the things in life you thought would be impossible.

Business student, with a passion for anything creative in her spare time, who wants to learn more about people and this world.
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