Women Crush Wednesday

NameKelly Vaughan

HometownBristol, CT

Class year: 2017

MajorAmerican Studies and English

Campus Activities: Barista at Peter B’s Espresso, Student Admissions Associate, Social Media Associate for Admissions, Senior Editor for The Trinity Tripod, History department TA  

Relationship Status: Hi Evan

#1 on your bucket list: Be a guest on “Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party”


Favorite study spot: Peter B’s…although can’t say that a ton of studying gets done there…


Thing you miss most about Trinity: Free coffee at Peter B’s, going to Club Raether with all my cool friends, Scott Gac


Favorite season: Rosemary and Basil are kitchen staples, but Sage is great for fall recipes!


Favorite celebrity: Queen Supreme RBG


Favorite movie: When Harry Met Sally


Best friend: Anyone who will be the Joe Biden to my Barack Obama


Favorite WeHa restaurant: Ben and Jerry’s…try to convince me that Chunky Monkey doesn’t hit all five food groups  


On a Saturday morning you are...: making color coded lists of everything I need to do


If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be: Ina Garten


Favorite class you've taken at Trin: Conflicts and Cultures in American Society


Best piece of advice: “I think you should have another.” –My Mother, referring to brownies