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Woman Crush Wednesday

Name: Katrina Rodriguez

Hometown: Queens, New York

Class year: 2020

Major: Economics

Campus Activities: Catholic Worker: tutors 3rd graders from the North End of Hartford, Photographing Hartford, Ballet/Dance

Relationship Status: single and looking for a husband

Random Hobbies: Makes her own jewelry and had a business in high school, surfing Ideal

Postgrad Profession: Communications/Public Relations

Favorite study spot: her dorm room

Favorite celebrity: GiGi Hadid

Dream man: Zac Efron

Favorite movie: Cinderella Story

Best friend: Eliza Petrie

Favorite Hartford restaurant: Bear’s Smokehouse

Goldberg’s order: loaded fries and chicken tenders

Peter B’s order: large chai tea latte with 2% milk

On a Saturday morning you are…: sleeping till 5 PM

Favorite season: Summer

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be?: my grandma

Favorite class you’ve taken at Trin: ballet

Best piece of advice: Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

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