Woman Crush Wednesday

Name: Ursula Paige Granirer 

Year: 2017 

Major/Minor: Anthropology, Writing, Rhetoric, and Media Studies

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Relationship Status: In an open relationship with every dog I meet

Activities on Campus: Barista at the Underground

Fun Fact About Yourself: I got a motorcycle license in an attempt to start a vespa bike gang while studying abroad in Paris

Favorite Place to Eat Off Campus: Bartaco or Salute 

Go-to Study Spot at Trinity: Second floor of the library looking at the chapel

Best Part of Trinity: Def the people or Saturday morning egg line with Rashima 

#1 on your Bucket List: Drive my 1986 Volkswagen Camper van down to the tip of South America and chill with the Penguins of Patagonia

Your Theme Song: I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times by Jamie xx and Young Thug

Favorite Movie of All Time: Django Unchained 

Summer Reading Recommendation: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Dream Date: Honestly anything that involves guacamole and dogs

Wardrobe Essentials: A thermos full of coffee, and yes, that is part of my wardrobe

Favorite Trinity Class: Either Magic, Possession, and Spiritual Healing with Professor Landry, or Global Hip Hop Cultures with Professor Markle 

Parting Senior Advice for Returning Students: Don’t forget to stop and appreciate how beautiful our campus is (and yes, it is ok to stop and take a chapel pic!)