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Winter Must Haves

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Trinity chapter.

Winter is great.  Christmas is coming, the there are lights and decorations everywhere, and when the snow falls, you can’t help but grab a cup of hot chocolate and want to go sledding.  But winter is also a time that can wreck havoc on your skin, hair, and mindset.  There’s practically no sun and a lot of your time is spent indoors. For keeping sane this winter, these are our must haves.  

A humidifier

During the winter, we’re surrounded by nothing but dry heat.  If you sleep with a fan on, it’s even worse.  You can wake up with a killer sore throat, not because your sick, but simply because you were inhaling dry heat all night.  Dry heat is also notorious for causing nosebleeds.  To avoid this, use a humidifier when you sleep.  You can get a cheap, personal one to keep by your bedside.  It’s also great for your skin, too.  You can get them at any drug store, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.


Coffee, yes, but not in the way you think.  You know how you feel like a total zombie until you finally get that first cup o’joe in you for the day?  Your skin is kind of the same way.  Obviously water is the #1 thing you need, so drink up, but coffee scrubs for your skin can give it a little extra life back, especially since the life was drained out of it because of finals.  Use the scrub in the morning to get glowy, energized skin.

Chapstick, and a lot of it

No matter who you are, chapstick is a must have in the winter.  Chapped lips are a huge turn off, and quite frankly, uncomfortable.  Use a medicated chapstick to heal the harshness of winter.  I’d recommend Soft Lips or the original Chapstick.


Gloves!!!! Hands get especially dry in the winter, so use gloves.  They are also a godsend when you get in your car and the steering wheel is freeezzziinnngg.

A coat that’s cute but actually warm

I know so many people (including myself) who buy coats purely for the fashion of it, but at some point, fashion comes second to warmth.  There are tons of coats that are warm and fashionable, you just have to look around!  If you’re going for a more traditional coat look, anything silk-lined or with wool is a good move.  If not, down-feathers all the way.

Warm pajamas

I am a huge pajama set enthusiast.  I think that the cuter the jammies, the better I sleep (though it’s not scientifically proven.)  Also, pajamas keep you seriously warm when you sleep, to help you get through those cold winter nights.