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Why You Should Join Dog Lovers Club, As Told By Adorable Puppies

So you’ve heard about Dog Lovers Club (aka DLC) and you’re curious. You obviously love dogs (who doesn’t?), but aren’t sure what the club actually entails. Why should I join? What is it anyway?


1. First of all, dogs are the best. Enough said.



2. DLC is a tight-knit community-driven group of people who truly care about the good of dogs in the Trinity community. You’ll always have a friend to bark with.




3. You’ll get lots of puppy love from dogs on campus because we’re unleashing (pun intended) a brand new dog-sitting program for faculty and staff members who want their dogs on campus! If you participate in the program you’ll get to dog-sit for some Trinity pups during the day (and you’ll make really great connections with professors who could help you in the future).



4. You’ll get to volunteer for a service dog organization called Fidelco in the near future and work alongside perfect members of society like the one in the gif below. Fidelco is a great cause and you’ll get your dog fix for the month as well.



5. We’ll be showing dog-themed movies coming up soon, so pay attention and join us for some “pupcorn” and other yummy snacks!



6. We serve snacks pretty often at our regular meetings too. Just saying.



7. You can bring your friends to our meetings! We always love seeing new faces and the group is extremely welcoming.



8. You don’t have to worry about losing any sleep over it, because DLC is primarily focused on fun. Our meetings are short and conveniently timed (we know you’re busy).



9. DLC is a judgment free zone, so if you’re too busy, are swamped with tons of homework and have a thousand exams this week, we get it.




10. As a sidenote though, the meetings are totally a destresser, so sometimes it’s good to come to the meetings anyway during those especially stressful weeks!



11. If you’re thirsty for followers on Instagram, joining DLC will get you a free follow from @dogsoftrincoll, which is just starting up again! You can also submit photos of any dogs you’ve seen on campus and we’ll post them for all the dog lovers to see.



12. We don’t discriminate. You can be a cat lover too. Case closed.



13. You’ll never have a lack of adorable puppy posts on your newsfeed because the DLC Facebook group is super active and is mostly just a platform for exchanging cute dog-related things to get you through the day. (If our group isn’t enough for you, you can also join Dogspotting and Cool Dog Group on Facebook to have more dogs on your newsfeed than humans.)




14. We’re a very understanding club. We get it if you’re emotional all the time about the extreme cuteness of dogs. So are we.



15. You don’t have to work that hard to get what you want with DLC. We’re extremely open to suggestions, and you can contact co-presidents Lilla Kis and Molly Schineller with any ideas you may have!


We hope that this list helped convince you and all your friends to join the club (and made you smile at all these super lovable puppy gifs)! Weekly meetings are in Bishop’s Lounge in Mather at 7:30pm on Thursdays. We’ll see ya there!



P.S. Don’t forget about the free snacks.

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